Are there any…

dykes in Halagonia, I mean? Besides the one who I moved here to be with? (And it’s so nice to finally be with her) Guess I’ll have to leave the apartment and find out. I’m finally here. It seems like it took ages. I left my rainy city about a week ago and stopped along the way to visit loved ones.
I’ve never really been able to conceive of living somewhere else. I’ve lived in the same place all my life, nearly 39 years. Now I’m here. I needed to do this. I miss everyone. It’s been two weeks of saying good – bye to the people I care about. I miss the mountains. I miss my dog. I have no friends, no job, no community here. I’ve had more than one overwhelming moment of that ‘omg, wtf have I done’ feeling.

But that is when we have to move. Try something new. Go somewhere. I only get one life — I need to live it. I feel all Mary Tyler Moore now and I have that fucking ‘you might just make it afterall’ song in my head.

I’m going to go explore my new city now.


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