Well, so far I love this place. The neighbourhood is comfortable with lots of old stone houses. There are several cool shops within just a few blocks, including an amazing, high-end yarn shop. If you know me then you know how much this thrills me. I spend hours online looking at yarn and patterns the way normal people look at porn. Anyway, the shop is full of top quality product — hand spun, hand dyed yarns. I’m going to have to be extremely self disciplined on that street as there is also a yummy, garlicky, cheezy pizza shop next door and a bakery with nice, hot dark coffee next to that. Maybe I just won’t walk down that way too often.  

Oooo…I also went to the sex shop! Well, bookstore/sex shop. It’s fully PC with sex positive classes in various sexual practices and rainbow stickers everywhere. Anyway, I came home and showed C the novel (queer satire fiction, not smut) that I’d bought. She asked me how I’d liked the shop and I told her about all the interesting books I’d looked at. I mentioned how surprised I was to find such a great range of books — everything from queer fiction to more instructive-type stuff to academic theory. Great books! 

Finally she asked me if I’d seen anything else that I liked at the store. I had to admit that I been to the sex shop and failed to look at any non literary paraphernalia. Not even a quick glance. I think this may be my finest (or possibly saddest) moment of geekdom ever.  

So after that shop, I took my lovely queer satire novel down the street to the local fair-trade coffee shop. I was waiting for my coffee when I spotted a carrot cake slathered in cream cheese icing. I love carrot cake but can react badly to walnuts. I asked the barista if there were any walnuts in this cake. She said no, that they only use local products. I must have looked at her funny because she explained to me like I’m the slowest person on the planet that ‘walnuts don’t grow here’. I told her that I’m not from here and so don’t know what grows here. She then picked up the aforementioned queer satire, which had my gloves and another bag sitting on it and asked if it was one of their books. Yes, I’m stealing from you while you are busy saving the world by not importing walnuts, you irritating, smug bitch. The whole thing smacked of Stuff White People Like and made me want to run out and do something bad to the environment. I contemplated asking which Atlantic Canadian coffee plantation they bought the coffee beans from and how they managed to grow sugar cane locally in the cold. I’m trying to be conscious of what I put out into the universe, though, and not get caught up in stupidity. I’ll just blog about it instead.


One Response to ramblings

  1. Tiana says:

    Thanks so much for the laughs tonight.
    Now you’ve got me singing the Mary Tylor Moore song too! Have you walked into the middle of an intersection and twirled around and thrown your knitted baret into the air yet? Better yet knit a projectile and go back to that coffee place and throw it at the barista!
    Hugs. T.

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