I’m back…

Holy cats! December was an extremely challenging month. Hence the lack of posts. If you don’t have something nice to say…blah, blah, blah. Anyway, things are getting better each day so hopefully I’ll be a bit more diligent about this blog.

I’m adjusting still. I cried the first four times it snowed. It just makes me feel claustrophobic. On the rare occasion that it snows back home, we stay inside. If I did that here I’d never leave the apartment. I never thought I’d consider minus two degrees celsius a warm day ūüôā I’m getting there, though. Last time we had a big snowstorm, I went for a walk in it. Embrace the snow. Be at one with it. That’s my new MO. The attitude adjustment along with the purchase of long underwear has improved things.

There are features I love about this place. You can almost always get a seat on the bus! Unheard of where I come from — we cram together like sardines.¬†¬†In this city¬†drivers stop¬†for pedestrians. Weird, right? You rarely hear¬†someone honk their horn. You rarely hear a siren either. I wonder if there is a correlation there between sane drivers and less accidents?

It’s a book lover’s paradise here because of all the universities. There are second-hand bookstores galore. It’s also sunny a lot of the time. It’s pretty, too. I still marvel at how different and beautiful the buildings are when I walk down the street. ¬†Best of all, there is this dish called garlic cheese fingers. Heaven (and a heart attack) on a plate. Garlic cheese pizza cut into fingers and served with a sweet white sauce called donair sauce. I have no idea what is in that sauce but it rocks.

More ramblings to follow…


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