My knight in shining Gore-tex.

Tonight we went for a walk through our ‘hood. First we strolled past the yarn store so I could check if they are open tomorrow — this being a holiday weekend. I need a certain size of needles to finish the infamous turtle. It’s looking a lot less obscene now that it has a body and legs. I just need to make the shell and glue some eyes on it and it’ll be done.

Next we walked to the local park to sit on the benches overlooking the harbour. There is this great tree beside the benches. Well, I think it’s several trees that have intertwined over the years. I’ve always wanted to climb it and mentioned this to C. “So go and climb it.” she told me. I’m a lot less flexible and agile these days and said it probably wasn’t wise.

She stood up and walked over to the tree. “What are you doing?” “I’m going to climb the tree.” This is one of many reasons I love her. When I don’t think I can do something, she often shows me that I can. So up we went — ages 36 and 39 respectively. We didn’t climb as high as we would have 30 years ago but whatever. I snuck a kiss. Then another. We watched fog rolling in over the harbour for a while. Finally I climbed back down to see if there was a nice angle from which to photograph the tree.

We hung out in silence for a good ten minutes just enjoying the place. Then I noticed her looking down at me. “What?” I asked. “I’m thinking you should come back up and kiss me again.” she informed me. “No way. You come down and kiss me.” She didn’t budge. “Fine.” I grumbled, “You did make me pancakes today.” She laughed and I climbed back up and kissed her again.

On the way down I don’t know what I did but I miscalculated something. Before I knew it, my left leg was swinging in mid-air so I flung my right leg over this huge branch. Now I was straddling the tree and stuck. This is precisely why people with no visual-spatial skills should stay on the ground. I have a killer bruise to prove it. 

C was cracking up so I pretended I was grumpy. “You couldn’t have just climbed down to kiss me? Great. Now I’m humping a tree and all because you couldn’t climb down. Someone is probably going to call the authorities to report the old lesbians in the tree performing lewd acts.”, I hissed. She just continued laughing at me. I was too.

“What do you want me to do?”, she asked. “I can’t see where to put my foot and I’m not going to just put it down without knowing there is a firm spot.” Ms. C gallantly climbed down the other side of the tree and directed me as to where I could safely place my foot. Which earned her another kiss and the honor of being “My Knight in Shining Gore-tex”.  When I take a risk and end up needing help, there is C. Another of the many reasons I love her.


2 Responses to My knight in shining Gore-tex.

  1. tianakaczor says:

    39 is NOT too old to climb trees or whatever you happen to vault for a higher view. Last summer I left my friends behind on the park bench and scampered up a huge tire in a playground, you know the kind, like from a mining truck. But getting up is a lot easier than getting down!

    By the way, did you know your “tags” section on the side sounds like a great title for a book, or maybe a rock band’s album. “Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the new release from the band ‘Big Love Children’ – Gender Sexual Knitting. Out in stores this Friday. Get yours today!”

    Thanks once again for making me laugh when I needed it!
    xo T.

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