a random collection of thoughts

Being part of the Sesame Street generation, I don’t always have a great attention span so here are some random thoughts in place of a cohesive post.

The turtle is done! I knit and ripped that sucker apart a bunch of times but it’s finally complete. Now I just have to remember to send it to my nephew.

Mad props to Ruth, who created the turtle pattern. My camera sucks. I need a new one but know nothing about cameras. Time to do some research.

C and me started a run/walk program this week. I love having someone to do this with. It keeps me from dwelling on the negative.  We aren’t keeping track of distance or pace, just time. Also, I got rid of the scale so this really is exercise for the sake of feeling good and being healthy. My OCD nature wants to track every mile, every pace, and every pound but I’m trying this sane approach instead.

Yesterday, I made yogurt, granola bars and crackers from scratch. I have too much time on my hands but it does taste better than the overpriced crap from the store.

This caught my attention.  I can’t get over this guy. 

Last month, he told a probation officer during a pre-sentencing interview that he hoped his victims had learned something from the experience, like how to keep their doors locked.

So following his logic if I were to say, shoot him through the chest it would be his fault for not wearing a bullet-proof vest. Except that like most people, I understand that if I shoot (or rape) another human being that I’m in the wrong and can’t just excuse it away. Kudos to the young women for reporting it to the police and taking his ass to court. That takes immense courage.

Finally, I really wish I’d had the wise Bristol Palin for a role model as a teen. Clearly, one should only get knocked up in high school if one comes from a wealthy family. Despite my poor socioeconomic background and dysfunctional family, I had a baby at 17 and went on to get a degree. My daughter is now in her third year of university and doing just fine thank-you, Bristol. It definitely wasn’t pretty at times but sometimes it was brilliant and we both seem to have survived. It probably helped that I never made a PSA about how having her was wrong. Just sayin’.

  These days I’m really smart and sleep with a woman instead. No need to pause before I play anymore!


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